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Handbag December 17, 2010

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I just finished up a crocheted handbag.  This was the first bag I have crocheted where you work on both sides of the chain to create the bottom.  I have done bags in the past where you just work in a spiral.  I got the pattern from ravelry.  The pattern name is Japanese Blossom Handbag.  It was easy, fast, fun and turned out pretty cute.  I also love that it only took me two skeins held double, one strand from each skein.  I think I will probably make more of these in the future. 

I’ve noticed as I learn to crochet more and more everyday that there are some items that I would prefer to crochet over knit (gasp!).  As a knitter first it’s hard to say that but it’s true.  I have found that I like to crochet over knit hats.  I find it easier and faster than working with double point needles.  I also liked crocheting this bag better than any I’ve knitted, although working with circular knitting needles is not as slow as double points.


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